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A List of Term Paper Topics on Business for You

  • A Promotional Spot For Q-Wear.

This is a promotional spot for Q-Wear with the time span of 60 minutes.

  • A Proposal for Protecting Oil Spills.

A writer who will write my paper on this topic will discuss ways to protect oil spills. This policy document proposes a framework for determining responsibilities of damages caused by oil spills from accidents in the sea and liabilities of the damages. It charts out general directions for the European Union and its member states with regard to the prevention of damage and the realization of compensation.

  • A Recycling Company.

An executive summary for a recycling company. In this summary there will be the articles of the company that will be processed in this overall view.

  • A Report On Progress in the Construction of a Warehouse in Brooklyn.

In this report, we will discus the progress of the aforesaid warehouse that is being built in the New York area of Brooklyn. Here will be described the different areas of progress that are being attained in the construction of this building and what is being done about this progress. Rom the reports on foundation, frame work being done, and construction will be reported to the Director of Operations in charge of making sure the building of the warehouse is going smoothly. 


  • A Response to Biomet, Inc. : A Summary of a Company's Business Strategies and Its Overall Effectiveness.

This paper provides a written case review on the book "Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases" by Fred R. David. This case review covers a fictitious management position from the perspective of responding to upper management according to specific problems. The scenario that is used is that the writer is in a management position for the firm Biomet, Inc., and that this manager is currently deeply involved in the strategic management of their company. Biomet, Inc. is an actual company that manufactures medical implants. 

  • A SWOT Analysis of 3M: Assessing Product Diversity as a Positive or a Negative Strategy.

This paper assesses the SWOT structure of the company Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, more commonly referred to as 3M. 3M has a reputation as an industry leader that seeks to promote many different types of products and technology. Yet while 3M is a globally- recognized name, it is questionable as to whether these massive innovations in multiple areas are beneficial or have a potentially negative impact for this company. This paper uses a SWOT analysis in order to determine whether 3M's business strategy is a viable one. 

  • A Short Proposal of Wal-Mart.

Experts from research paper services suggest to write in this paper a short proposal of the research topic selected for the formal report explaining how the topic is important to business, how the material will be gathered and a work plan that will show the task to be completed. 

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